Choosing Craftsman Square Non-Tapered Column Wraps from Non-Structural PVC

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PVC Square Non-Tapered Craftsman Column Wraps

Our Poly-Classic® Craftsman columns are made from expanded, cellular PVC and use an E-Z Lock joint design. They can be trimmed, drilled and fastened using ordinary carpentry tools. But unlike traditional wood columns that require exceptional joinery and assembly, these columns are ready for quick installation. Their hollow centers are also useful as channels to conceal downspouts, wiring or plumbing.

Different panel styles for square non-tapered columns include recessed, raised, plain and fluted

FRP Load-Bearing Square Non-Tapered Columns

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) columns are available tapered or non-tapered (as shown below). Unlike the PVC column wraps, these columns are load-bearing and can be used to support architectural elements.

Square columns made from fiberglass reinforced polymer are load-bearing.

Custom Wood Square Craftsman Columns

Pagliacco Turning & Milling is the owner of The Cheap Column Site, where we sell a variety of products from different manufacturers. For decades, Pagliacco Turning & Milling has manufactured top quality columns from all different types of wood.

Custom square columns made be Pagliacco Turning and milling.

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