Pine, Finger-joint Porch Posts

At the Cheap Column site, we give you great prices on wood porch posts. That doesn't mean we skimp on quality, we just save money on things like company cars, expensive offices and this web site. If you're a pro, you know what you want, so we don't waste time with a wordy sales pitch, we just give you a product description, the vital dimensions and a price quote.

Pine, Finger-joint Porch Posts

These hollow finger-joint Pine porch posts are the least expensive post we offer. They are made from the kiln dry scrap from door and window stock. Because they are hollow the pattern is limited by how much wood can be removed. Pine is not very decay resistant, The factory applies a special sealer to the bottom and pre-primes these posts for longer life. In addition there is an optional quick-mount base plate available to ease installation and increase post life. Porch posts are sold in cartons of 4 posts. There's a 25% fee for breaking up a carton.

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For a 3-1/4" x 8' Pine porch post

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Pine Porch Post
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As you see, our prices are based on quantity purchases. Sales tax is collected on California sales. For shipping and handling costs and price quotes for special orders, contact us.

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Pine Porch Posts installed.

Pine, Finger-joint Porch Post Prices

Cost per post based on quantity order (shipping & handling not included)

List $ 4
3-1/4" x 8'
$49 $46 $45
3-1/4" x 9'
$62 $59 $57
3-1/4" x 10'
$79 $75 $72
4-1/4" x 8'
$72 $68 $65
4-1/4" x 9'
$91 $86 $83
4-1/4" x 10'
$120 $114 $110
5-1/4" x 8'
$93 $88 $85
5-1/4" x 9'
$120 $113 $109
5-1/4" x 10'
$154 $146 $141

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