Installing Pedestals for PVC Craftsman Column Wraps

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Installation for Craftsman PVC Pedestals

Caution: The precision machined edges of Poly-Classic Craftsman column components can be extremely sharp. Use of appropriate personal protection equipment is required.

Use of polyurethane adhesive, such as Gorilla Glue®, Loctite® PL Premium® Adhesive, Christy’s™ Clear PVC Pipe Cement (or other clear PVC ce-ment), or similar products is recommended. Al-ways observe adhesive manufacturer’s instruc-tions.

Assembly is easiest with pneumatic or electric pin-nailers. These should recess the head of the pin nails far enough that only a minor touch-up is necessary (touch-up with caulk prior to painting.)

Installers should read the installation instructions for Craftsman columns in addition to this docu-ment for more information (joints, etc.)

Install blocking around load bearing support (typically pressure treated post). Blocking should be made from pressure treated wood, and must be the same size as the inside of the ped-estal/newel.

Installation of Poly-Classic Craftsman columns.

Plain shaft pedestals may be cut to shorter lengths if needed.

Installation of Poly-Classic Craftsman column.

Apply polyurethane glue to both edges of ONE PANEL only.

Installation of Poly-Classic Craftsman column

Assemble two panels to glued edges of panel from step 3.

Installation of Poly-Classic Craftsman column

Pin-nail the three panels together into one unit.

Installation of Poly-Classic Craftsman column

Slide the three-panel shaft unit over the blocking, then attach. Apply glue to exposed vertical edges of panels.

Installation of Poly-Classic Craftsman column

Glue and attach final panel. For use as a newel, additional blocking should be added between panels and post (post would be cut off at height of shaft.)

Installation of Poly-Classic Craftsman column

Apply glue to backs and mitered edges of base moldings, then assemble to bot-tom of platform (same as no-taper col-umn bases).

Installation of Poly-Classic Craftsman column

Note: top platform usually extends be-yond top of shaft section (not shown in photo). Mouldings are applied under the top platform. Assemble top platform on top of shaft. Glue mitered edges, and attach with pin-nails. (Pyramid caps do not use top platform.)

Installation of Poly-Classic Craftsman column

Apply glue to backs and mitered edges of cap moldings, then assemble to shaft below top platform with pin-nails. (Mouldings, panels, trim, and top plat-forms may vary from photos depending on product styles.)

Installation of Poly-Classic Craftsman column

Caulk all seams, fill all nail holes, and clean surfaces with cleaner recom-mended by paint manufacturer. Finish with two coats of acrylic latex paint.

Installation of Poly-Classic Craftsman column

Please note the correct assembly of the E-Z Lock joint shown at the left. The screws or nails MUST be installed only in the edges shown (3 and 4). Installing on the other edges may result in open seams. (Pre-drill if using screws.) 1) Glue both joint edges; slide 1st joint together 2) Push 2nd joint closed 3) Nail or screw this joint first 4) Nail or screw this joint second. Notes: Panels are marked "TOP" - trim from the bottom only. Cap and base pieces are also marked as "CAP" or "BASE". Only use non-corrosive fasteners - galvanized, stainless steel, etc. Always follow glue and paint manufacturer's instructions. *Column must not be allowed to collect water, debris, etc. If the top of the column extends beyond the soffit/beam, the cap must be flashed with lead, copper, aluminum, etc. to prevent accumulation.

E-Z Lock Joint Assembly Diagram

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