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At the Cheap Column site, we give you great prices on architectural columns. That doesn't mean we skimp on quality, we just save money on things like company cars, expensive offices and this web site. If you're a pro, you know what you want, so we don't waste time with a wordy sales pitch, we just give you a product description, the vital dimensions and a price quote.

Pagliacco Makes High Quality Wood Porch Posts

Pagliacco Turning & Milling is the owner of The Cheap Column Site, where we sell a variety of products from different manufacturers. For decades, Pagliacco Turning & Milling has manufactured top quality porch posts and other architectural elements from all different types of wood.

Classic Or Custom Porch Posts from the Wood of Your Choice

Pagliacco's Porch posts are made of solid wood for long-lasting strength and beauty. Posts are available in any size you require. Illustrations show 7-1/4x108 inch posts. We can easily alter these designs to suit your needs or create custom posts from your samples, drawings or photos.


Porch Posts and a Newel Post freshly turned and still on the factory floor.

Pagliacco Turning & Milling can match your existing pattern.

Many of the porch post patterns complement our baluster and newel designs. Those products that share design elements also share part numbers. For example the baluster B19, newel NP19 and porch post PP19 share complementary design features.

Major Brands, Top Quality, Discount Prices

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Porch Posts from Pagliacco Turning & Milling Installed

A few of our balusters and newels on the job.

Send Us Your Specs

Tells us exactly what you want and we can do it. We've been doing it for years.

Pricing Details

Sales tax is collected on California sales. At this time we are not obligated to collect any sales tax for sales outside California.

Porch Post Patterns Pagliacco Turning & Milling
Porch Post Patterns Pagliacco Turning & Milling
Porch Post Patterns Pagliacco Turning & Milling

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Major Brands, Top Quality, Discount Prices

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